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Maddy is in a foul mood. She and her boyfriend just had a terrible fight, and as she is leaving his apartment, it occurs to her that she is terribly horny. Because of their relationship problems, Maddy hasn’t had a decent fuck in a very long time. Walking down the alleyway away from his apartment, Maddy suddenly spots a graffiti artist working on a piece. When she reaches her hand out to touch him, the guy jumps back, startled, thinking he has been busted. But instead, he sees a beautiful woman standing there – and is filled with a desire to bust a nut. Maddy is similarly transfixed. Not only is the guy a good artist, he turns out to have a nice sized package, as well. He takes her from behind, banging her up against his piece on the wall. But then the boyfriend comes back with flowers and an apology. He tells the graffiti artist to scram, and reclaims his rightful place inside Maddy’s wet shaven pussy.

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Today I give you perfection : Aden Bianco. I can write a thousand words, but the pictures are worth far more. Just look at this stunning young lady. Check out how she strips off her lingerie and shows us her huge rack of tits. After she throws out her panties you can drewl on her bald pussy. And then I didn’t even mention her ass… This 22 year old with 34D’s is a fan of sex in public places and her ideal date would need to cook her an italian dinner. While you guy’s watch her pics, I’ll go for some pasta. Enjoy. 

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My friend Tiny has a soft spot for shaven chocolate pussy. He also has a humongeous dick and those black sisters seem to get on their knees instantly when he gets his meat out. A few days back he walked in to the beautiful Melody Stills who sat on the side of the road, after some issue with her boyfriend. Tiny saw the opportunity and seized the moment. They got back at his studio were he told her about his magic dong and she got al weak in the knees. Enjoy her clean waxed peach. Tank you, Tiny, for drilling this one and keep sending me pics!

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This Spanish babe has some serious tattoos spread all over her body. I just love those big tattoos, big tits and high heels. And off course her perfectly bald pussy. Mason Moore is her name and she’s my kind of girl. I’d lick her snatch all day long if she were mine. Click on through to the gallery to see her get it on  with some lucky bald dude.

He sees Mason on the side of the basketball court on a hot day and doesn’t hesitate for one moment. When he starts flirting Mason makes it pretty clear she’s all about action and not about talking, so they move over to his place. While taking this georgious Spanish chick’s clothes off he realises it won’t take him long to put his dick in her smooth pussy. Just grabbing her giant tits makes him want to cum in her mouth. Watch him do so by clicking through. 
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We are witnessing a truly gorgeous babe, shaped to perfection and a face to die for. She is the kind of stunner you’d leave your wife and kids for, even though you are realizing you’re just as easily replaced as the previous guy. This babe is so smoking hot I’m going to have to call the fire department any minute now. Check how she meticulously handles the razor on her legs to make sure there won’t be a single hair left on them. But it’s just foreplay; the real work is up next and she is bound to do an even better job there. She’ll end up perfectly bald between the legs and she has a pair of the most gorgeous pussy lips, I might add. Boy, this babe sure makes me sweat! Watch her full length movie in high definition quality after the click!

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If you’re the type of man who loves to see some soft, smooth shaved pussy, then you’re in luck! Over the years, studies have shown that instead of having big hairy bushes, many women are leaning towards having a clean shaved appearance. This appearance includes having a cleanly shaved pussy, which many men are enjoying much more these days. There are also studies out there that are showing that humans as a whole are covered with less hair than in the past. They’ve determined that hair isn’t a highly used part of the body, so they believe that evolution is making humans have less hair. Maybe in the future, the new ‘au naturel’ will end up being a bald pussy instead of some big giant hairy bush that just doesn’t seem clean. Only time will tell for sure, though, so the only thing that we can do as a human race is have patience and let time take make its course. For now though, we can enjoy the beauty of sexy bald pussy and enjoy the sights of something that we all know and love so much. It’s much better to be able to see what we love rather than have to search through it beneath a huge bush.

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Anita Pearl toying shaved pussy

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Fresh hot babe Anita Pearl introduces herself with a bang… or maybe we should call it a stick. Since that’s what it is.

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Anita is wearing a skimpy blue bikini in this shoot and is horny for some shaved pussy action. Her lovely beaver grabs the stick and holds on to it like it was the last thing it woul’d ever do. Just take a close peak at the smooth bald lips that this girl is carrying. Her vagina is bald all year long, that’s what i’ll tell you. Always smooth, always shaved, always ready to invite some dick.

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